Why Calacus?

Media expertise. High-profile newsroom and studio experience. Extensive networks. An open and honest approach. Proven ability. That’s what you want from your sports PR agency.

That’s what you get with us.

Based in the heart of London – with the ability to work across the world in a range of languages –
we’ve built a superb reputation for delivering outstanding results.

It’s what comes from combining our belief in the power of sport with a belief in our clients’ businesses.
We care as much about your success as you do.

Tell us your story. We’ll help you share it.

Why not Calacus?

There are countless reasons for hiring us. There are also ten why you shouldn’t.

1. We won’t always agree with you.

We’re consultants. It’s our job to provide you with insights and the benefit of our knowledge
and experience.

2. You won’t get all of us all of the time.

We tailor our accounts so they have the staff they need rather than just fitting our staff to the accounts we have. As a result you’ll always have experienced, highly capable PR consultants
at your disposal.

3. We don’t do fluff.

There’s no blue-sky thinking, post-rationalisation, squaring of circles or an ideas lab filled with pop art and a lucky 8-ball. We’re real conversations and real results.


4. We can’t (and won’t) do all the work.

We’ll support you as much as we can but if you’re not available for interviews when a journalist is on a deadline, there’s a fair chance he won’t accept us in your place. That’s what makes you –
and your story – special.

5. We won’t lie to cover up your mistakes.

We subscribe to the highest possible standards in PR as laid down by the PRCA and CIPR code of ethics. We will help you to mitigate for bad news but it’s always better to admit when
something has gone wrong.

6. We may under-deliver.

If you think you should be front page of every paper and the lead story on the TV news, you’re probably going to be disappointed.

7. We will intrude on your free time.

If a story breaks, an opportunity arises or a crisis occurs, don’t expect us to wait until business hours to get back to you. Traditional and social media wait for no one. Neither do we.

8. We’re not as close to journalists
as we used to be.

Long lunches and boozy evenings with the media every day of the week are long gone, thankfully. We still have great contacts but we’ll get you coverage by telling your story in the right way
to the right people.

9. We’re on social media a lot.

It’s great for identifying news stories, engaging with media, finding new channels or audiences and establishing the best ways to promote you.

10. We don’t always take our time
to make a decision.

Being an independent agency, we’re nimble, creative and committed to working in the fast-paced world of media rather than hiding behind policy documents you’ll never want to read.


See, told you we were honest.