Supporting IOC Member Sergey Bubka

The challenge

IOC Member Sergey Bubka is one of the leading members of the Olympic Family and as such requires the same high level of public relations consultancy and support.

The strategy

Calacus has provided ongoing support for Sergey Bubka and his work promoting sport around the world, identifying children’s projects and activities that would help him
in his mission to engage young people in sport.

It was important in the political world of the International Olympic Committee and IAAF that Sergey Bubka’s genuine affection to helping young people shone through.

Calacus has arranged project visits to youth sports projects for Sergey Bubka in London (UK), Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Beijing (China) and Pune (India) and worked with the charities to devise workable programmes that would make a difference to young people’s lives. We also undertook a speaker and media relations programme to support the new initiatives.

The outcome

IOC Member Sergey Bubka established a new generation of fans and supporters thanks to an international campaign to engage with under-privileged children. Sports administrators were also impressed by his philanthropic activities, enhancing his already-superb reputation.

The visits garnered extensive coverage across the world, promoting the importance of sport as a way of helping young people in troubled areas to develop and learn vital lifeskills.
Significant donations were also made to each of the charities that Calacus
identified for support.

Calacus has supported my initiatives around the world, providing media relations consultancy and event management support. Calacus has done an excellent job managing all aspects of the project and provided first class media coverage in a variety of international markets. I have been delighted with the advice and contribution Calacus has made to my work.
— Sergey Bubka, IOC Member